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Hans von Chrismar


Hans von ChrismarHans von Chrismar was born in the Netherlands during WW2 in 1942.  Being exposed to different cultures and nationalities through his work abroad made him realise the importance of communication. While in Papua New Guinea he met Judy. They settled in Sydney in 1973 and are now retired in Port Macquarie.

‘For many years I struggled with our family history. My parents divorced three months after I was born. Later in life, I realised how much I missed having a male role model when I was younger. Over the next fifty years thoughts, memories and remembered anecdotes bubbled away in my sub-conscious, until one day I decided enough was enough. I needed to find out what had happened and how it had happened.’


The result is ‘The Dutch Konnektion’. It is indeed a family biography with unexpected twists and turns. At the same time, it gives a view of WWI and WWII events from a German perspective that is unique.

The Dutch Konnektion is a moving story that keeps you on the edge of your seat, with survival key for many tough decisions made.

Hans has woven this family story with threads from his journey as he searches for answers, building a strong story narrative, all pulled together with historical findings and the help of relatives.

An old established noble German family steeped in military tradition finds itself caught up with the changing times after WWI.

The one and only heir must find an alternative career path. He falls in love with their beautiful border and the Dutch ‘konnektion’ is made.

This book masterfully describes the highs and lows of the family merger in the light of the growing Nazi influence and the occupation of the Netherlands during WWII.

Hans’ book is available at [email protected] for A$20. You can find Hans at Hans von Chrismar






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