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Writing Rendezvous – Writers meet on the 4th Tuesday at Port Macquarie Library, Owen Street, from 9:30 to simply write. The purpose of the gathering is to provide a space for writers to build on their practice of writing while sharing the energy this brings.  Come and join us.

Writing together



 “Wendy organised a time, a place and a group of people to gather at the library once a week to just write. It was during these sessions – to the sound of other people tapping away on their keyboards – that I was able to find the focus to finish off my books Small Farm Success Australia and Honey Farm Dreaming. Thank you for providing practical
solutions and motivation Wendy!”  

“Finding time to write can be really tough, after working in my business, family and life commitments, I have found it hard to get in and write my blog and upcoming book. 
I recently attended a writing workshop with Wendy, not only did I have the time to write uninterrupted, Wendy provided topics to choose from and guidance on getting the work done. 
I would recommend Wendy, both as a writer, a blogger and a mentor to those who have that creative dream to pen a book, start a blog or get your content on social media right.”

“Wendy Haynes has inspired me to be a better writer through the editing of my book. Her very precise comments made on my manuscript have been very useful. She has given me a thorough appraisal of my work. I believe Wendy goes further than others and is very ready to help in any way she can. It is obvious that her main purpose is to inspire new writers, such as myself, to succeed in their writing.”

“I highly recommend Wendy to anyone aspiring to be a better writer.”

Dale Symonds