Wendy Haynes

image Wendy Haynes

Copywriting is a hard slog for any small business to stay on top of, particularly when their focus needs to be on customers or clients. As a copywriter, my focus is on you and writing content that is specifically crafted to your products and service to draw new and existing clients to you and your brand. 

I have a Diploma in Creative Writing from Southern Cross University and have completed Copywriting Essentials, and Writing for Newspaper and Magazine courses at The Australia Writers Centre. I won 1st prize for an in-house writing competition 2018, for a short story Going Nowhere.

I was the judge for the Port Writer’s In-house competition for the creative non-fiction category in 2018, and one of the judges of the fiction category in 2019. I was one of the judges for the CYA Competition for 2019 a Role Model and Reading and Literacy Researcher for Books in Homes.

I’m the Secretary and a board member for Hunter Writer’s Centre, a committee member for Port Writers Inc where I write newspaper and magazine articles, and produce a monthly newsletter. I’m a previous committee member for MBF – Micro Business Forum a local business networking group.

My first book Hayden’s Bedtime  published in March 2019 is a fun bedtime story about my grandson Hayden, who has trouble feeling safe at bedtime. It’s part verse and prose, which has dad checking to make sure the coast is clear. Dad checks, behind the door, under the bed, inside the cupboard, and in the drawer; finding all sorts of things. Book 1 of my children’s’ fantasy series The Door in the Woods is due to be released mid 2020.

Hayden's Bedtime