SEO Copywriting

I write SEO Copy using well placed tested keywords to help improve your ranking and online visibility that draws clients through your digital front door.

Facebook Campaigns

Social media eating away at your time? I can help you build your tribe with specific content aimed at your target audience and give you your time back.

Website Content

Great website copy and a simple website setup engages visitors by providing solutions to their wants, needs, and desires. I can provide content that matches your point of difference.

Email Campaign

Have you considered the ‘why’ of your email campaign? A series of emails that tallks to your tribe rather than sell will help build engagement and customer loyalty. Telling stories that resonate is key to connecting.

Blogs & Articles

A consistent stream of blog posts that speak to your clients pain points with well placed calls to actions, will draw visitors to your website and help build your tribe.

Editing & Proofreading

There is nothing worse than having a piece of content, whether online or in print form, riddled with typos, grammar, and punctuation errors that could have been avoided. I offer that final read to make sure your copy sings.

SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting

What is SEO Copy? SEO copywriting or Search Engine Optimisation is applying words to each of your website pages that tells Google and other search engines what your business does. When done correctly it is simply a few phrases people would use to find products or services, added into the description, titles, subtitles, image alt… Continue reading SEO Copywriting