SEO Copywriting

What is SEO Copy?

SEO copywriting or Search Engine Optimisation is applying words to each of your website pages that tells Google and other search engines what your business does. When done correctly it is simply a few phrases people would use to find products or services, added into the description, titles, subtitles, image alt text,   metadata, and the body of the text.

Standing out in a crowded marketplace is hard. Consider building keywords and phrases around your unique selling proposition that speaks to your tribe. My copy is centred on helping you build your tribe.

Google Searches        

When you type into the Google search box a word like ‘hairdresser’ the results are too vague, and it probably won’t give you the answer you might be looking for.  But it’s what was asked of Google, right?

Search results are more specific. If you enter a phrase or question which most people are doing, for example, if you typed in ‘hairdresser in Port Macquarie’ you have immediately narrowed down the search.

Google Search Engine

So, adding your location in the description, titles, body, etc. and key phrases like ‘we colour and cut your hair,’ and other search terms like ‘wash and blow wave’ will bring searches closer to your digital front door.

A great tool to help with working out some key phrases that attract your ideal client is  once set up it lists the most used keywords/phrases to find particular products and services.

Target the Right Audience

SEO copy isn’t just about your products and services. It’s also about how you address the needs, wants, and desires of your ideal client. And in addition to that, it is about building your tribe. Customers become loyal once that feel they know, like and trust you.  A consumer buys when they develop a need or want. Talking to them about the benefits you can deliver rather than the features, will help solve their problem and ultimately buy.

Your Tribe

So, going back to the hairdresser scenario – a consumer wants a cut and colour. But how will they benefit by having a cut and colour. Here is an example…

We colour your hair with eco-friendly ingredients that not only help the environment, it also feeds your hair the nutrients it needs, gives you long-lasting colour and adds shine and bounce. This along with the latest cutting techniques will give you the head-turning look you deserve.   A bit corny but you get the idea, right?

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